The initial idea of creating this portal was to marry between journalistic power with territorial-based depth of knowledge, by building the integration of several identical news portals. The identical integration in question is the construction of a portal with the same“key word”,the same content management management, by strengthening deepening by forming independent reportage units in
their respective regions.

The primary device of designed content is building the power of journalistic-narrative descriptions.Namely, the pattern of coverage and management of journalistic data delivered with spoken language that is able to describe the atmosphere to have a direct influence on the reader.

This product device is a development of investigative journalism that has been widely developed by the media. It’s just that the specifications are expanded. That, the investigation is not only limited to the issue of “cases” alone. Moreover, deepening a common theme, pursued and explored, can have investigative value if it is able to explore new data, with a different perspective.

Information, Inspiration, Action

In general, this tagline represents the spirit that the portal Kliksaja.co to its readers will build. That, this portal does not only present information. Moreover, the information presented is the result of journalistic exploration that is able to provide inspiration for its readers, in a logic or reasonable or measurable presentation structure. Thus, its output is a logical action.


The explosion of information media and the ease with which people access it, makes the law of nature apply: namely the selection of information itself.

Five years ago, the public did not know what HOAX or Framing was in an information. Nowadays, social media and the speed of information, make public filtering on information even higher.
Several news portals have pointed out that. That, maintaining the credibility of information and character, is tantamount to forming its own segmentation for the portal. This then becomes the basis that Kliksaja.com will be a source of information and logical reference with its power to “mastery” of themes or issues in a region.

Thus, the formation of syndication becomes an option so that each published information has its own accountability and credibility. Of course, in addition, it is the reason for the effectiveness and efficiency of editorial management to build kliksaja.co with syndication kliksajajabar.co, kliksajabanten.co, kliksajasumsel.co, kliksajasulsel.co, kliksajajatim.co, kliksajajateng.co, kliksajasumut.co, kliksajasumbar.co, kliksajaaceh, kliksajantb, and other regional websites in each province and klikasean.com as a first step.