5 people wounded and 2 assailants shot dead during an attempt to attack a Turkish courthouse

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ISTANBUL — A violent incident unfolded in Istanbul on Tuesday as two individuals were shot dead while attempting to attack a courthouse, according to Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya. The incident occurred during an apparent assault on a security checkpoint at the Caglayan courthouse in the late morning.

The assailants, a man and a woman, were fatally shot during their attack on the courthouse premises. The Turkish Interior Minister confirmed the incident through a social media post, describing it as an “attempt to attack” the security checkpoint.

In the wake of the attack, five individuals sustained injuries, including three police officers who were present at the scene. Minister Yerlikaya commended the heroic efforts of the police officers and expressed his wishes for a swift recovery for those injured in the incident.

Caglayan courthouse, situated in the Kagithane district on the European side of Istanbul, is a vast court complex known for handling a range of legal matters. Authorities are actively investigating the motives behind the attempted assault, and security measures have been heightened in the area.

The incident has sparked concerns about the safety and security of judicial institutions in the city. Turkish authorities are expected to provide updates on the investigation as more details emerge regarding the motives and background of the attackers.

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