Booster vaccine can protect families during Eid homecoming: official

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Jakarta – Booster vaccines are among the mitigation measures that can prevent all families from COVID-19 infection during Eid, according to Reisa Broto Asmoro, the government’s COVID-19 spokesman.

According to President Joko Widodo’s directions, which were seconded by the Health Minister on March 23, 2022, partial vaccination, or even foregoing booster vaccination, might have a detrimental impact, she stated on Monday during Siaran Sehat (Health Broadcast).

According to the findings of a survey performed by the Transportation Ministry’s Transportation Research and Development Agency, 80 million individuals may travel during Eid this year.

Among those returning to their hometowns will be numerous parents and children who had not been immunized. Everyone’s antibodies might be ideally increased by the protection provided by the booster vaccine.

Furthermore, it would be considerably easier for people to travel because they would no longer be required to provide PCR or quick antigen test results after receiving the booster vaccination.

Meanwhile, passengers who have only gotten two doses of the vaccination must still submit the results of an antigen test, and those who have only received the first dose must submit the findings of a PCR test.

Booster vaccines, according to Asmoro, can help regulate the COVID-19 situation in Indonesia and maintain the trend of positive COVID-19 cases low.

She went on to say that she expected the people to realize the need of booster vaccines and to rush to the nearest health institution to obtain their next vaccine injection, so that everyone could travel safely to celebrate Eid.

“This is part of the mitigation; of course, we want to have a pleasant Eid this year. Not causing injury to parents, wishing for the case (tally) to fall, remain in decline, and not rise again, “She continued.

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