Edy Mulyadi’s Statement, Tumbang Anoi, and Kalimantan’s Progress

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In the past week, the earth of Kalimantan was made rowdy with the statement of Edy Mulyadi (EM) who “impressed” contained an element of insult to the condition of Kalimantan in terms of the Transfer of the State Capital (IKN). Strong protests from various elements in Kalimantan who were offended by the statement adorned various news pages both national and local print and electronic and on social media.

In this note I do not wish to be included in the conversion of the EM statement. It’s just that I want to shift the concentration of thinking we are towards the future. That is how to contribute or what benefits can be achieved by kalimantan residents on the policy of IKN enforcement to Kalimantan.

The IKN Law has taped the hammer, the consequences of staying on the run in accordance with the mandate of the Law. A number of studies and discussions have been widely present in various forums, both campus, mainstream media and social media.

But I see not enough studies and discussions that discuss how the people of Kalimantan and all the potential in it will benefit when the process of capital enforcement has been done.

The Welcoming Society

In another perspective EM has brought a new awareness of the existence of Kalimantan residents who have dignity. The wisdom of his statement has become enemi, that we do not want to be treated as interpreted in the EM statement about Kalimantan.

During this time the people of Kalimantan are indeed known as mayarakat who have a curler. In the history of the republic’s journey, Kalimantan has no meaningful protests or conducts that have an impact on the desire to separate Kalimantan from NKRI or ask as a special Autonomous Region such as Aceh and Papua.

Although the visible wealth of Kalimantan is dredged in such a way but not commensurate with the impact of development and welfare of its citizens.

As an illustration, when kalimantan forests are high and dense in the gunduli and eventually become property forests that are high in Jakarta, Kalimantan residents are silent.

When Barubara Kalimantan was dredged and became a lighting on the island of Java, there was no area that was untouched by electricity and never went out.

While the people of Kalimantan are silent even though there are still very many areas that are currently not electrified even often in urban areas though.

The scarcity of fuel is often experienced by kalimantan residents and we see the sight of queuing at many gas stations, while on the island of Java bbm in the form of gasoline is still easy to get, while in Kalimantan it is rare. Even though Kalimantan has a large oil refinery in Balikpapan, kalimantan residents remain silent.

Wave of Resistance

However, when the existence that shows the identidas and self-esteem of Kalimantan was disturbed instantly the unity of Kalimantan residents was present and provided resistance.

In the course of this time often occurs so that has an impact on social disintegration in Kalimantan. Of course this is our lesson together.  

Well, I’m not going to invite you to dissolve into the wave of protests that are so rife lately over EM’s statements. It’s just that I see this momentum for all entities in Kalimantan.

To be able to reflect again the contributive role of what Kalimantan can do as a consequence of the establishment of Kalimantan as the new capital.  

Learn from Tumbang Anoi

If Kalimantan used to have a history, how The Tumbang Anoi in 1894 became an important momentum in revitalizing the social, cultural and institutional life of Borneo.

The result of Tumbang Anoi agreement then became very important in shifting the life of the modern People of Kalimantan by bringing up a new life that greatly contributed to the civilization of Kalimantan today.

Well why this momentum we do not explore the spirit of Anoi Collapse towards the earth life of kalimantan more advanced. After the establishment of Kalimantan as a new capital that will then be called Nusantara.

There should be a new charter of Kalimantan residents as a social contract for the development and welfare of Kalimantan. Because one of the spirits of the transfer of this new ibuka is the equalization of development and the inability of java island to be a buffer for the capital of the country, due to population density, congestion, flooding and so on.

Relevant to the spirit of Tumbang Anoi 1894 or Tumbang Anoi volume II must be presented immediately.

For that may need to present a large deliberation of Kalimantan to create a new charter as a blueprint of Kalimantan in the future with the spirit produced in the charter of Tumbang Anoi in one year ago.

The position of the people of Kalimantan is what I am we are more fundamental we think. Em statement we leave to law enforcement officials to process it fairly and customary institutions there klo does need to be processed customarily.

Kalimantan’s current focus is how to formulate important points of Kalimantan’s progress not to become a spectator in their own village and kalimantan residents must have a role in various factors after IKN Nusantara later. []

By: Eddy Sabarudin, M.Si
(Education Practitioner and Social Observer)
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