Floods in Jayapura, One Person Dies

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Floods hit several districts or sub-districts in Jayapura City, Papua, on Thursday night (06/01/2022), at around 22:00 WIT.

As a result of the flood, one resident was reported dead. The Rapid Reaction Team of the Papua Regional Police has evacuated the fatalities.

The Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Jayapura City reported heavy rains were still ongoing until 01:45 WIT, while this morning there was still light rain in Abepura Subdistrict, around 05:30 WIT.

A joint team from the city and provincial BPBD, TNI, Polri, Basarnas, RAPI, Orari and TSBK is still at the affected location to carry out emergency handling, such as evacuation of residents.

Flood-affected areas were reported in North Jayapura, South Jayapura, Abepura, Heram and Muara Tami districts.

BPBD Jayapura City deployed 3 rubber boats and 1 multipurpose truck to evacuate residents.

Monitoring in the field, the height of the water level during the flood lasted about 150-200 cm, even local BPBD officers reported puddles in the Yotefa Abepura Market area reached 300 cm.  

Provisional data as of today, Friday (07/01/2022), at 03.30 WIB, reportedly 1 person died and a number of residents fled to safety.

BPBD is still collecting affected residents and those displaced to date.

Meanwhile, material loss information mentions a number of public facilities flooded, such as Aryoko Hospital, Governor’s Office, other public facilities and community homes. Reports as of this morning, electricity in the affected areas is still out.

In addition to the floods, BPBD Jayapura City reported a landslide in North Jayapura Subdistrict. It still has not received complete data because all personnel are still evacuating residents trapped by floods in abepura subdistrict.

Looking at bmkg weather early warning, on this day the Papua region has the potential for heavy rains that can be accompanied by lightning or lightning and strong winds. While in Jayapura City is observed to be bright-cloudy in the morning to evening.   

Jayapura city includes areas with the potential for flood hazards in the moderate to high category. A total of 3 sub-districts are at that potential, including areas currently affected by flooding.

BNPB appealed to local governments and communities to remain vigilant for potential aftershocks and the threat of other hydrometeorological hazards, such as flash floods, landslides or strong winds.

Meanwhile, the fulfillment of the basic logistics needs of the affected communities must be parallelly implemented and fulfilled. (*)

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