Indonesia Is a Great Nation, Soul and Works Big

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By: Islahuddin

We are not a tempeh nation, we are a great nation, with great ambitions of great ideals, great creative power, great tenacity. A great nation, a nation of fines. That is the nation that should be the nation of Indonesia.


The archipelago is the remnant of the plateau of the paradise of Atlantis, the birthplace of world civilization, a world empire that is the source of all major civilizations around the world. A tropical country with abundant mineral and biological wealth, a prosperous life, strong traditions, peaceful and civilized living, high religiosity of society and having a highly developed civilization in its time.

Indonesia is the remnant of the landmass of Atlantis after the great disaster that submerged and destroyed the territory of Atlantis, obliterating and sinking while separating Java from Sumatra which had previously merged, submerging more than half the archipelago.

11,600 years ago a volcano erupted and caused an earthquake and tsunami that was a hundred times larger than the 2004 aceh tsunami. This is stated in the book by Prof. Arysio Santos Ph.D., a book that refutes earlier theories about the location of Atlantis as spoken in Plato’s dialogues on Timeaus and Critias.

Prof. Arysio Santos added that Indonesia is where the science and discovery of various civilizations first emerged such as farming culture, language, metallurgy, astronomy, art and so on, which influenced the emergence of civilizations afterwards such as in Greece, Egypt, Maya, Aztec, Inc., and so on.

History also proves that Indonesia is indeed a great nation, with people who have great works of great thinking and creativity as well. New discoveries about atlantis may be an introduction to the greatness of the Indonesian nation in the past, mental as a great nation and thought and great works are also shown from the historical heritage of the archipelago where at the time of the bitter maja kingdom Indonesia had become a very large country, vast power, abundant wealth, and admired also respected by the State or kingdom around the world.

However, the identity of the great nation in Indonesia slowly disappeared after the arrival of the storm of imperialism and colonialism in Indonesia, under the colonial system the Indonesian population was mentally formed into a slave-bound man, inferior, a deep, weak attitude deliberately created by imperialism and colonialism in order to create slavery and extortion of the wealth that is abundant in the archipelago.

The creation of the Indonesian nation as it is now rich in minerals and biodiversity, the abundance of gold, oil sources, mines, agriculture, and various potentials that exist does not lead to the welfare of the Indonesian nation, the population only becomes slaves for the invaders who come. Colonization not only comes from outside but also comes from within, namely those suckers of their own brothers, thinking about the stomach of themselves and their families regardless of the condition of the nation and the fate of the Indonesian people who languish a lot.

The identity of the Indonesian nation and its population seems to simultaneously form a mental slave mentality, a mentality inherited by the system of imperialism, colonialism, and colonizing capitalism. The Indonesian nation bears the identity of a nation that is left behind, poor, down, corrupt, does not play a role at the international level and so on.

Whereas the Indonesian nation does not deserve to bear the identity of it all and mentally slaves, because the Indonesian nation is a great nation, aspiring big, thinking big and working big, not a tempeh nation, not a weak, inferior, and enslaved nation. The Indonesian nation is the heir of a great nation that is mentally tough, valiant and able to do anything, as illustrated in the mentality of the Indonesian population in the majapahit kingdom with its palapa oath.

As said in Karno speech spoken in Semarang on July 29, 1956 that the Indonesian nation is a nation that thinks big, works and has big dreams. In Karno’s speech explained about how to become a great nation. Broadly speaking Karno asserts that humans are basically the same, humans are basically no difference from each other, therefore slavery, colonization, is not true because it violates the nature of humans who live on this earth.

Therefore, to go to a great nation in need of ways that are not easy, one of the first things to do according to Karno is to change the weak, bullying, inferior mentality, from the results of the practice of imperialism and colonialism that is rooted in the population and nation of Indonesia. Big countries like America already have a good mental mentality that there is no hollandsdenken in Karno terms.

The Indonesian nation for 350 years was checked by hollanddenken is a piker way that is “penny-wise, proud and foolish”. So that the Indonesian nation does not have great creativity, does not have a large consensus, and does not have a brave, weak and bullying nature with other nations.

The Indonesian nation is getting worse, the nation that has great potential is actually wrapped with a huge debt with implications that are no less great. The impact is not only on the corrupt soul, consumptive, there is no creativity, but has an impact on the systemic stage so that it becomes a collective stupidity, a common folly between leaders, politicians, governments, representatives of the people and their people. So that it does not reflect a great nation, thinking and creating big but a nation that is dishonorable, has no vision, and without high integrity.

According to Karno, a great nation is a nation that has imagination, has big fantasies: have courage; have a willingness to face risks; to overcome dynamics.

Great nations must have imagination, with imagination we can change from a small nation of soul into a great nation of soul, the Indonesian nation once proved to be a great nation as in the wake of Borobudur, temples, glory majapahit on the archipelago, and so on.            

To achieve a great nation there are many obstacles and challenges that we must face, challenges that we cannot face in a short time and can only be overcome with tenacity such as tenacity of people who are climbing mountains.

So there is no other way as Karno said ‘blessed is a nation that dares to face the reality, dares to accept that its difficulties will not disappear in one night, and dare to roll up its sleeves to solve those difficulties with all its own energy and all its own intelligence.

For that nation—a nation that dares to face difficulties and is able to solve difficulties,– a nation that will become a great nation. A great nation that is only fined.”This is the nation that Karno dreamed of for the Indonesian nation.

So what is the foundation to form a great nation for Indonesia? The foundation to form a great nation for Indonesia is Pancasila, Pancasila is our philosophy and guidance towards a great nation, of course by again referring to the provisions of the 1945 Constitution, by rediscovering the soul of the revolution, finding a revolutionary mentality.

Thus we will be able to face all obstacles and difficulties faced by the Indonesian nation. All we will pass by achieving revolutionary mental momentum so that it becomes a great nation, with great ambitions, great ideals, great tenacity and great creative power.

Based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution, the Indonesian nation must need a mental revolution, namely the mentality of being a great nation, free spirit, brave, creative, resilient, and can do for its own nation and the world.

Not the other way around mentally slave, inferior, afraid of other nations, and weak. Identity as a nation of former colonies, destitute nations, weak nations, slave mentality must be removed from the brains of the nation’s children, revolutionary souls must be instilled by providing positive forces as a great nation into a nation as exemplified by bitter maja, a great nation as illustrated in its atlantis prof. Arisyi Santos by carrying out the principles of Pancasila as a whole and implementing the provisions of the 1945 Constitution.

So that the Indonesian nation becomes a great nation, a nation that can maintain dignity and dignity or honor, a nation that can respect and respect others, put others in a noble place, give forgiveness, want to understand and always try to save and want to uphold others.

A nation that is able to prosper its people and help create the welfare of the world, a nation that can create peace and inequality in its population and actively help create a world order full of peace and equality, no one is oppressed, sucked in, and marginalized by certain parties.

Being a nation capable of thinking big and big-spirited, that is, a nation that always tries to have the principle to save itself and its people and also other nations from the possibility of acting and doing wrong. A nation that can place itself honorably, can instill a great soul by always benefiting fellow penndud or fellow Indonesians or between the Indonesian nation and other nations.

Not a proud nation when it can win and succeed in bringing down other nations. A great nation is not a nation that is everyday only busy registering the mistakes of many people or the mistakes of other nations, nor a nation that is not praiseworthy and does not try to improve things. But a nation that always tries hard to get out of the slump and try to get to a better situation.

The Indonesian nation should be a nation that always thinks to get mutual salvation, benefit each other, forgive each other, tolerance, politeness, patience and always be patient with each other about patience and truth. On the contrary, instead of being a small nation, that is, a nation that is only busy blaspheming each other, looking for mistakes, and knocking each other down.

A mentally weak, bullying and sellau nation is afraid, let alone a nation that colonizes and sucks, this is not a great nation. Bangs abesar is a nation that thinks and has great spirit, and has great creative power by producing great works through the imagination of the Indonesian nation.

To lead to the creation of a great nation, it takes revolutionary souls, those who are able to give an understanding of the true state in order to give a deep awareness to the mentally slave population so as to become mentally revolutionary people.

And people who struggle to make the Indonesian nation a great nation, think big and work big. To cultivate revolutionary souls it is necessary and must be felt to start from the figure of a great leader who is revolutionary, has a visionary leader, a leader who has big dreams that transcend his time, who is able to be an example and revolutionary spirit so that he becomes a great leader who is respected, exemplary and listened to by his people.

The vision carried by a strong and revolutionary leader can be used as a kind of strong ideology, so that it can accommodate a strong mass, a mass that has one goal, one direction and one ideal that is to form the Indonesian nation into a great nation that is free from slavery, unavaging, and inferior.

So that the creation of a community order that has leaders and a nation with high integrity, visionary, and competence so that Indonesia rises to become a productive and respectable nation.

The history of the archipelago once exemplified where the glory of majapahit can not be separated from the dreams, vision, and great will carried out by Mada elephants, even Indonesia’s independence was never separated from the militancy of Sukarno-Hatta and friends so as to inspire a group of young men in 1928 that resulted in Indonesian independence in 1945.

It’s time for Indoensia to re-plant his big dreams. The dream that we will live, have existence for hundreds of centuries to come. Such long dreams and imaginations must be complemented by a long-term plan for hundreds of centuries to come. Our dreams can’t just be five years or ten years down the line.


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