Visit Pesantren Al Rosyid, Wamenag: Pesantren Supporting Indonesia Economic Progress

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Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs (Wamenag) Zainut Tauhid Sa’adi said that pesantren huts should not only develop as educational institutions, but according to him must also develop as a support for the Indonesian nation’s economy.

“Pesantren must continue to grow, not only as an educational institution, but also in economic progress,” said Wamenag in front of hundreds of Ponpes Al Rosyid student, Bojonegoro, Friday (4/2/2022).

Wamenag added that the government is currently working to accelerate the implementation of the Pesantren Independence Program. The Ministry of Home Affairs has already prepared the Pesantren Independence Roadmap and will gradually implement it.

“Pesantren must be able to build pesantren independence through community economic empowerment,” added Wamenag RI.

Invite the santri to be proud of its status as santri. According to him, the opportunity for them is now increasingly open.

“Now the opportunity is increasingly open. Santri can be anything, can be a Regent, Governor, Minister, Vice President, even President,” he said.

Wamenag said that the santri (student) had no time. Wamenag himself claimed to want to always be santri.

“I came here as a santri who wants to always add knowledge from our teachers. Akhlak santri must respect kiai. There is no loss, even many blessings,” wamenag messaged.

Previously, the chairman of Ponpes Al Rosyid KH. Alamul Huda Masyhur expressed his pride at the presence of Wamenag in Ponpes Al Rosyid. Currently there are about 2000 students studying in Ponpes Al Rosyid. They come from different regions, including Papua.

“Education in our opinion is very important in building the nation. If pesantren is good then education in this nation will advance,” he said.

“We are optimistic that pesantren can take over the leadership relay in this nation. The pesantren generation can compete with other public education,” continued MUI Chairman Kab. Bojonegoro.

Present accompanied wamenag, Kabid Pontren M As’adul Anam, Religious Figure from Catholic Romo Sapto, Bononegoro Police Chief AKBP Mohammad, Danrim Bojonegoro, Kankemenag Kab Bononegoro Munir.

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