King Abdullah of Jordan Leads 11th Humanitarian Aid Air Drop to Gaza Amidst Ongoing Conflict

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In a continued effort to provide much-needed assistance to the people of Gaza, King Abdullah of Jordan personally participated in the 11th air drop of humanitarian aid, according to reports from Jordanian broadcaster Al-Mamlaka on Sunday. The monarch was seen in military gear aboard a plane, symbolizing Jordan’s commitment to delivering urgent medical supplies to field hospitals operating in the war-torn enclave.

The Jordanian air force has been actively engaged in these missions, with the latest airdrop occurring on February 6, as confirmed by official media sources. Notably, Jordan is the sole country conducting air drops to Gaza, channeling aid through two dedicated medical facilities. Additionally, at least two collaborative missions have taken place with the French and Dutch air forces to enhance the delivery of essential medical aid.

King Abdullah, a vocal advocate for ending Israel’s campaign in Gaza, embarked on a diplomatic tour of major Western capitals last Thursday. His itinerary includes a crucial meeting with US President Joe Biden in Washington on February 12, where he is expected to lobby for an immediate ceasefire.

In a significant development, Jordan successfully persuaded Israel to allow the World Food Programme (WFP) to send deliveries to Gaza through an alternative land route originating from Jordan. This move aims to alleviate pressure on the main Rafah border crossing, which has limited capacity.

Expressing concerns over the potential escalation of the Gaza conflict, particularly its spillover effects on the West Bank, Jordan, which shares a border with the region, fears broader violence. There are worries that armed settlers, encouraged by the Israeli army, could trigger a large-scale Palestinian exodus across the Jordan River. King Abdullah’s diplomatic efforts and active involvement in humanitarian aid missions underscore Jordan’s commitment to addressing the ongoing crisis and advocating for peace in the region.

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