Lost Class, Indonesian National Team Slaughtered Thailand 4-0

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The Indonesian national team must recognize Thailand’s superiority in the first leg of the 2020 AFF Cup final on Wednesday (12/30/2021) night.

In the match held at the National Stadium, Singapore, Shin Tae-yong’s foster son lost 4-0.

Two of Thailand’s four goals were scored by Chanathip Songkrasin and the other two were contributed by Supachok Sarachart and Bordin Phala.

The result makes Indonesia must win by a margin of at least five goals in the second leg to become champions. The second leg was held on Saturday (01/01/2022) at the National Stadium, Singapore.

The Garuda squad that started kick off immediately came under pressure from Thailand. The War Elephant Squad did not let the Indonesian national team be comfortable with the ball.

Thailand’s flow of attack led to a quick goal in the second minute through Chanathip Songkrasin’s left-footed strike. Chanathip took advantage of Philip Roller’s pass that swerved past the Indonesian defender from the right side.

After that, the intensity of Thailand’s pressure wave did not decrease and made Indonesian defenders fight in their territory.

Asnawi Mangkualam made a save right on the goal line in the 14th minute from Bordin Phala’s kick.

Indonesian defender Alfeandra Dewangga had a clean chance in the 41st minute. However, despite being without an escort in front of the Thai goal, Alfeandra’s football soared.

In the 45+2 minute, Nadeo Argawinata performed heroically by dismissing Bordin Phala’s curling shot and making the score 0-1 last until the game entered the break.

Seven minutes into the second half, Thailand doubled the position thanks to Chanathip Songkrasin’s goal that took advantage of Supachok Sarachart’s assist.

The Indonesian national team tried to rise by including several new players to add banging power, but did not also produce results.

Thailand instead scored the third goal in the 67th minute, this time through Supachok Sarachart’s kick that converted Philip Roller’s pass.

The War Elephants” lead went wide in the 83rd minute after Bordin Phala scored his side’s fourth goal after receiving Worachit Kanitsribumphen’s assist.

The goal also opened thailand’s chance to win the AFF Cup title for the sixth time. (*)

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