Measured fishing maintains sustainability of resources: Minister

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Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) Sakti Wahyu Trenggono emphasized that the strategy of regulated fishing aims to safeguard Indonesia’s natural resources, particularly those in the maritime domain.

He highlighted that adopting regulated fishing practices would significantly enhance governance, stating this during his address on Monday. The approach, outlined in Government Regulation (PP) No. 11 of 2023, necessitates further technical details for its execution, which will be detailed in a ministerial regulation.

Minister Trenggono cautioned that without effective control or management of natural resources, such as fisheries, there could be a gradual depletion of marine products over time, posing a significant threat to future generations.

He emphasized the necessity of this approach by questioning what legacy would be left for subsequent generations if necessary measures were not implemented.

Responding to critics of the fishing policy, Minister Trenggono reaffirmed that this regulation is a fundamental step by the government to secure the well-being of the community, particularly the fishermen, and preserve the longevity of natural resources.

He added that through this policy, the government aims to grant wider rights to improve the livelihoods of fishermen, significantly altering the fishing policies and regulations established since the 1980s as outlined in PP No. 11 of 2023.

Key changes in this new policy involve transitioning from controlling inputs to regulating outputs in fishing practices.

Previously, Agus Suherman, the KKP Ministry’s Acting Director General of Capture Fisheries, highlighted the pivotal role of digital transformation in executing quota-based regulated fishing.

In support of regulated fishing through digital means, the ministry has introduced the E-PIT application, simplifying the licensing process and data gathering related to captured fish.

Suherman emphasized that the E-PIT app amalgamates various fisheries service apps into a single system to facilitate regulated fishing practices.

Source: Antara News

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