Moeldoko urges the people to stop debating the extension of the presidential term

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Jakarta – Moeldoko, the head of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP), encouraged the people to stop debating the extension of Joko Widodo’s  presidential term, which expires in 2024.

“The president’s directive is obvious, so don’t argue about it any longer. I strongly encourage the people to end the debate on this topic “Moeldoko expressed this on Wednesday at the KSP headquarters in this city.

The KSP chief stated that the government’s main priority was to handle ongoing COVID-19 pandemic concerns.

“The administration is also developing strategies to address the consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian war. We have considered different scenarios for the economic impacts of the war, ” the agency made a comment.

Moeldoko advised stakeholders and people to think about the future of the country by putting an end to discussions about extending President Jokowi’s current term or changing the constitutionally required two-term limit.

Earlier, Surta Wijaya, Chairperson of the Indonesian Association of Rural Governments (APDESI), stated during the association assembly attended by President Jokowi on Tuesday (Mar 29), that the organization will officially declare its support for the president to run for a third term after Eid al-Fitr next May.

Responding to different popular discourses that advocated for extending the current presidential term, Jokowi stated that people and authorities must follow provisions of the 1945 Constitution that limit the executive to only two terms.

“We frequently hear such ambitions from members of the public,” he said during a visit to Magelang, Central Java, on Wednesday. “However, it is evident that our Constitution has required (the presidential term limit), and we must comply by the Constitution” (Mar 30).

Furthermore, the Indonesian Students Alliance (AMI) protested on Friday (Apr 1), threatening to organize greater rallies if the planned postponement of the general election and extension of the presidential term is approved.

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