Oncology society partners with Gilead Sciences to advance health care in Kingdom

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Gilead Sciences and Saudi Oncology Society Partner to Improve Oncology Care in Saudi Arabi

Riyadh: The Saudi Oncology Society (SOS) and Gilead Sciences, a leading global biopharmaceutical company, have officially entered into a memorandum of understanding, marking a collaborative effort to advance oncology care in Saudi Arabia. The agreement encompasses cooperation in research, clinical trials, medical education, and scientific exchange, with a primary focus on enhancing awareness, treatment management, and directing individuals to specialized healthcare professionals.

The joint initiative aims to contribute to the growth and improvement of the broader healthcare ecosystem in the Kingdom, addressing the unmet needs of cancer patients in the region. Education, research, and optimizing treatment strategies are key components of this strategic partnership.

The memorandum of understanding outlines the collaboration for an initial period of three years, with the potential for extension based on the progress achieved during this time.

Vitor Papao, General Manager of Gilead Sciences Middle East, expressed the company’s commitment to driving clinical development and advancing healthcare equity. He stated, “Collaborating with leading oncologists and institutions in the region is part of our mission at Gilead, as we drive clinical development and advance healthcare equity. Our partnership with the Saudi Oncology Society reflects that and our dedication to supporting healthcare professionals, bettering patient outcomes, and strengthening Saudi Arabia’s healthcare system. Gilead will continue working closely with local partners to ensure patients receive our ground-breaking therapies as quickly as possible.”

Dr. Meteb Al-Foheidi, Chairperson of the Saudi Oncology Society, expressed pride in embarking on this transformative journey with Gilead Sciences. He highlighted the commitment to advancing cancer research, clinical trials, and medical education in the Kingdom. “As we sign the three-year agreement, we look forward to making meaningful contributions to the field of oncology and improving the broader healthcare landscape in Saudi Arabia,” he stated.

The collaboration will involve regular meetings between Gilead Sciences and the Saudi Oncology Society to align and implement initiatives, ensuring a focused approach to achieving their shared objectives.

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