Padang’s 125,000 students to join Ramadan Islamic school’s activities

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Padang, Western Sumatra  – On April 9-28, 2022, at least 125 thousand elementary and junior high school pupils in Padang, West Sumatra, will participate in activities at the Ramadan Islamic boarding school hosted by the local government.

“This Ramadan pesantren (Islamic boarding school) intends to shift the learning process from schools to mosques and focus more on religious lectures,” Padang Mayor Hendri Septa said after the 1443 Hijri Ramadan Pesantren was inaugurated on Monday in Padang.

The Ramadan Islamic boarding school’s activities will take place at 1,270 mosques and musalla.

According to Septa, the kids will be watched by their individual professors while the COVID-19 epidemic is active.

The Ramadan learning material begins with memorizing the Quran, Dhikr, and stories of prophets and companions, with the goal of developing a strong generation of culture that values mosques.

Students from grades 4 to 6 in elementary school and grades 7 to 9 in junior high school will attend the Ramadan Islamic boarding school from after sunrise till after Zuhr.

Non-Muslim students are permitted to visit their respective places of worship throughout Ramadan.

He stated that Ramadan pesantren is a Padang administration commitment, so students may always practice their religious beliefs.

“This is the 18th implementation, and it was delayed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” he explained.

The Padang city administration worked with the Imam Bonjol State Islamic University of Padang during the implementation.

Meanwhile, Ustad Abdul Somad, who was also present at the opening, said that the regional leaders may pass on the Ramadan pesantren program to the current young generation.

“For the time being, the positions of district chiefs, mayors, and governors are vacant. As a result, create a program that may be passed on to children and grandkids, such as Ramadan pesantren “He made a statement.

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