Polri Will Form Tipikor Task Force, Filled with 44 Former KPK Employees

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The State Police of the Republic of Indonesia (Polri) plans to establish a Task Force (Task Force) to Prevent Corruption (Tipikor)

The task force is planned to be filled by 44 former KPK employees who have been appointed as ASN Polri.

Head of Public Information Bureau (Karopenmas) Public Relations Division of Police Brig. Gen. Pol Ahmad Ramadhan said the formation of Task Force Tipikor was a temporary placement for Novel Baswedan and friends before serving in the National Police’s Corruption Eradication Corps (Kortas Tipidkor) which is currently in the process of forming.

“While waiting for that (Kortas Tipidkor) will be created by the Task Force to Prevent Corruption. Later these friends will be placed there,” Ramadan confirmed in Jakarta, Thursday (07/01/2022).

Ramadhan explained, the Tipidkor Eradication Corps or Kortas Tipidkor Polri is a development of the Directorate of Corruption Crimes (Dittipidkor) under bareskrim polri.

Kortas Tipidkor Polri became a special unit under the control of the Police Chief, as was the Brimob Corps and The Baharkam Police Police Corps.

According to him, in the early stages, Kortas Polri was formed at the level of the Police Headquarters first, after which it will be formed at the territorial level.

“Kortas Tipidkor will be made. So the discourse of Kortas Tipidkor of course friends of former KPK employees will be placed there, “he said.

Ramadhan explained, 44 former KPK employees have been tested to have competence in terms of combating corruption. The ability of Novel Baswedan and his colleagues will strengthen the police institution in efforts to combat corruption.

“What is clear is that the former KPK employees have good competence in combating corruption. Surely it benefits the Police in combating corruption crimes,” Ramadan said.

Starting from January 3, 2022, Novel Baswedan and 43 colleagues of former KPK employees began serving as ASN Polri in The Police Headquarters.

Currently, Novel and others serve in the field of prevention of corruption crimes at the Dittipidkor Bareskrim Polri. (*)

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