President visits Cibinong Market to monitor cooking oil prices

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Bogor – On Tuesday, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) visited Cibinong Market in Bogor District to monitor bulk cooking oil prices, accompanied by West Java Deputy Governor Uu Rizhanul Ulum and acting Bogor district head Iwan Setiawan.

According to Setiawan, despite the fact that bulk cooking oil was selling at a comparatively low price of Rp14–15 thousand (US$0.9–1.02) per liter during the President’s visit, the oil price has yet to normalize.

“The President wants to lower the price of bulk cooking oil, and inhabitants demand assurances on bulk cooking oil stocks. Though the price of cooking oil has yet to normalize, residents find the current price tolerable “Setiawan explained.

During the visit, Widodo and Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini also distributed business aid to MSMEs and cooking oil cash help to people, according to him.

According to the acting district head, the President instructed assistance applicants not to use the cash support for anything other than business advancement.

“I hear the President indicated that monetary help for the needy should not be utilized to buy phone credit or a new phone, but rather for company capital — that is his message to citizens who got financial support,” Setiawan continued.

He then praised President Widodo for his readiness to attend public markets in Bogor, citing his previous visit to Ciawi Market in April.

“As a representative of the Bogor district authority, I would like to thank the President and cabinet members for their continued visits to Bogor. (They have) concentrated their efforts on the family assistance program and the disabled population, as well as on the pricing of essential commodities, particularly cooking oil (in the Bogor district) “The acting district chief stated.

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