Riau Islands Customs thwarts smuggling of lobster seeds into Singapore

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Tanjungpinang – The Riau Islands Customs Patrol Unit foiled an effort to smuggle 138 thousand sand lobster and pearl lobster seeds worth Rp14 billion into Singapore.

According to the results of the officers’ enumeration, sand lobster seeds and pearl lobster seeds were the two varieties of lobster seeds that were meant to be smuggled, according to the head of the Riau Islands Customs Regional Office (Kakanwil), Akhmad Rofiq.

“We applaud the community’s involvement in this arrest. Because the community supplied information to our office, this smuggling effort was effectively foiled “On Monday, Akhmad Rofiq, the head of the Riau Islands Customs Regional Office, noted.

The development of knowledge from the community begins the timeline of events. Later, he added, the patrol unit prepared officers at many sites suspected of being crossed by lobster smugglers by sea.

Officers noticed a ship going by at high speed in Batam seas on March 26 at 3:30 p.m. local time.

Suspicious about this conduct, the officer attempted to approach the culprit and indicate for him to halt and check the speedboat. The culprits, on the other hand, drove the speedboat at a quicker pace and sought to elude capture.

“Aware that they wouldn’t be able to escape at sea,” Rofiq explained, “the motorboat went aground on an island in Batam Island’s seas, and the culprits managed to flee via the mangrove jungle.”

Later, the cops were able to collect and seize evidence in the shape of a speed boat and lobster seeds packaged in 30 Styrofoam boxes.

All of the evidence was safeguarded by transporting it to the Riau Islands Customs dock in Karimun District.

“Lobster larvae were immediately discharged into the seas surrounding Karimun Island. It is a commodity with a high risk of death “He made a comment.

Later, he emphasized that lobster was one of Indonesia’s natural resources that, if managed effectively and exported in compliance with the regulations, might generate a significant amount of foreign cash.

Rofiq stated that the Riau Islands Customs Department will always be prepared to protect the government’s plans in the context of national economic recovery.

Source: Antara

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