Russian forces at 70% of level needed for full Ukraine invasion

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On February 3, 2022, military vehicles are seen during joint exercises of Russia’s and Belarus’ armed forces at a firing range in Belarus’ Brest Region.

The number of battalion tactical units in the border region has increased to 83 from 60 as of Friday, with 14 more in travel.

That timeline, as well as the increasing number and capability of Russian military near Ukraine, may indicate that the opportunity for dialogue is closing.

Russia, which has massed more than 100,000 troops near the border, has stated that it does not intend to invade but may take unspecified military action if its security demands are not met.

Among them is a promise that NATO will never admit Ukraine, a demand that both Washington and NATO have rejected.

According to the officials, Washington believes Russia may pick alternative choices than a full-scale invasion, such as a limited assault, and does not believe President Vladimir Putin has made a final decision.

Source: News Channel

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