SMP Islam al Ikhlas Cipete and Klinik Zakat Indonesia Distribute Basic Need Packages to Victims Affected by Semeru

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SMP Islam al Ikhlas Cipete South Jakarta in collaboration with Klinik Zakat Indonesia-Yayasan Berkah distributed basic need packages to victims affected by the eruption of Mount Semeru Lumajang.

Wednesday (01/26/2022) a team of volunteers from Klinik Zakat Indoensia-Yayasan Berkah departed for Semeru by land by bus from the lebak bulus terminal in South Jakarta. Approximately one week volunteers of Klinik Zakat Indoensia-Yayasan Berkah stayed at Semeru post joined volunteers who had previously been on site.

Arriving at the location on Thursday (01/27/2022) volunteers of Klinik Zakat Indoensia-Yayasan Berkah went directly to the location of the victims affected by the eruption a few months ago. Arriving at Posko they directly coordinated with other volunteers and conducted preparatory activities to distribute assistance previously received from SMP Islam al Ikhlas Cipete South Jakarta.

The point of distributing the aid itself was carried out in three affected villages namely Gunung Pedot Village, Umbulan and Gumuk Mas. The volunteers distribute assistance by providing direct to the homes of affected residents who are currently still living in their homes.

“We distribute basic need packages to the victims affected by the eruption by going directly to people’s homes and then giving their assistance directly to them” Said Ulin Nuha, volunteer of Klinik Zakat Indoensia-Yayasan Berkah.

“For several days we distributed assistance from SMP Al Ikhlas Cipete South Jakarta, we immediately handed over to the victims of the eruption, Lumajang. Explained Baidlowi, Volunteer Of Klinik Zakat Indoensia-Yayasan Berkah.

In addition to distributing the help of volunteers are also actively involved in visiting people’s homes by encouraging and entertaining residents who are currently living in rashh, also visiting refugee sites and helping other volunteers distribute assistance to residents affected by victim.

For those of you who want to contribute to help others to the people affected by the eruption, you can click the following link.

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