SMP Islam Al Ikhlas Cipete South Jakarta Distributes Semeru Victim Donation Through Klinik Zakat Indonesia-Yayasan Berkah

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SMP Islam al Ikhlas Cipete, South Jakarta distributes donation assistance to victims affected by the disaster through Klinik Zakat Indonesia-Yayasan Berkah.

Located in the classroom of Al Ikhlas Cipete Islamic Junior High School in South Jakarta, Jl. Cipete III, No 3 RT 06/RW 04 Cipete Selatan, Cilandak, South Jakarta.The student council board submitted the proceeds of Semeru’s aid donation to the Chairman of Klinik Zakat Indonesia-Yayasan Berkah Ustad Maulfi Sanaullah, Thursday (06/01/2022).

After receiving donations for victims from Al Ikhlas Cipete Islamic Junior High School, Maulfi Sanaullah expressed gratitude to be able to cooperate and collaborate for humanitarian programs.

“Thank God today is very extraordinary for us Klinik Zakat Indonesia-Yayasan Berkah, today we received the results of donations from our brothers through SMP Islam al Ikhlas Cipete for the affected people.This is also very appropriate which simultaneously alhamdulillah we also raise donations in the form of humanitarian care program Klinik Zakat Indonesia-Yayasan Berkah which insyalloh we distribute to our brothers and sisters victims and residents affected by Semeru.

Meanwhile, Syarif Hidayat, M.Pd Deputy Head of Islamic Junior High School Al Ikhlas in his speech said that Al Ikhlas Cipete Islamic Junior High School through the Student Council has a humanitarian care program including disasters.

“This is the second day we have carried out the handover of assistance to our brothers and sisters victims of Semeru, alhamdulillh we hope that the proceeds of donations of junior high school children organized by the student council can be delivered, and distributed from Al Ikhlas Islamic Junior High School to the victims affected by Semeru”.

“This is part of our humanitarian care activities from SMP Islam al Ikhlas which has always carried out other spiritual movements, previously similar activities were also carried out for donations of people affected by disasters such as the earthquake in Sulbar and other disasters”Obviously Ustad Syarif Hidayat.

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