Vice Chairman of Parlement Bojonegoro Syukur Priyanto: Our Big Problem Today is to Raise The Economy of the Community

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In the midst of continued development in Bojonegoro East Java, there is one thing that is currently still a big problem, that is to raise the community economy.

This was revealed by Syukur Priyanto, vice chairman of the Bojonegoro Regency parlement. Who is also the Chairman of the Bojonegoro Regency Democrat Party. When interviwed by editor of in the office of DPRD Bojonegoro, Jl. Trunojoyo, Bojonegoro City Tuesday (08/02/2022)

“We in Bojonegoro today have a big problem, what is it? Infrastructure is okay, but we have a problem in Bojonegoro at the moment, which is how to raise the economy of the Bojonegoro community.” Said Syukur Priyanto, Vice Chairman of the Bojonegoro. Mas Syukur added that the people’s economy must be really fought for.

“For that reason, of course we continue to fight for how to improve the economy of the community, through various ways such as encouraging policies that are pro-people’s economy, increasing people’s purchasing power” Thank You Priyanto.

In addition, Syukur also mentioned how effective the management of APBD worth quite a large 7 trillion in Bojonegoro Regency.

According to him, as a legislature he hopes that the Bojonegoro APBD should be used for the maximum welfare of the people, the improvement of the people’s economy, and the prosperity of the people of Bojonegoro.

“APBD 7 trillion in Bojonegoro needs to be observed so that, APBD Bojonegoro should be used for the maximum for the welfare and prosperity of the people”. Mas Syukur Said, Member of the Bojonegoro Democratic Party Faction.

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