China joins Russia in opposing further Nato expansion

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China has joined Russia in opposing future Nato expansion as the two countries grow closer in the face of Western pressure.

During Russia’s Vladimir Putin’s visit to Beijing for the Winter Olympics, Moscow and Beijing published a joint statement highlighting their agreement on a number of issues.

Putin says that Western nations are undermining Russia by utilizing the Nato defense alliance.

It comes amid rising tensions over Ukraine, which Putin says he has no intention of invading.

Putin, who has stated that Russians and Ukrainians are “one nation,” has asked that Ukraine be denied membership in Nato.

The meetings, which the Kremlin described as “quite warm,” took place before of the Games’ opening ceremony.

“Friendship between [Russia and China] has no limits, there are no ‘forbidden’ areas of cooperation,” the statement reads.

The two countries expressed “severe worry” about the Aukus security deal signed by the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Vladimir Putin is the major attraction in Beijing for his position as the start guest of the winter Olympics.

Although Ukraine was not specifically mentioned, it was plainly implied when they both stated their opposition to NATO expansion.

Beijing has relations with Ukraine: political and economic.

Any Russian invasion or military action might harm President Xi’s reputation.

In the midst of escalating rhetoric, the United States accused Russia on Wednesday of plotting a phony Ukrainian strike to justify an invasion.

Russia denied any plans to stage an assault, and the US provided no proof to back up its assertion.

Earlier, the US announced that it would send extra troops to eastern Europe to support Nato partners.

Russia called the move “destructive,” claiming that it validated its concerns about Nato’s eastward expansion.

Source: News Channel

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