China supports Russia in Deploying Troops to Kazakhstan

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SHANGHAI: China is providing support for Russian-led troops deployed to Kazakhstan to help contain the unrest in the country. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi conveyed this support to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Monday evening (10-01-2021).

In a phone call between the two sides, Wang said that China supports the view held by the Kazakh president that the source of domestic unrest is terrorist activity.

Wang added that China and Russia must “resist all external forces that interfere with the internal affairs of Central Asian countries” and destroy the “color revolution” and “three evil forces” that can cause chaos in the region.

China defines the “three evil forces” as religious extremism, territorial secession and violent terrorism and has described all of these aspects as the culprits behind instability in Xinjiang province.

Government-owned buildings in several cities in Kazakhstan were seized or burned last week as peaceful protests against rising fuel prices turned violent. Troops were ordered to shoot rioters to quell the flames of rebellion across the country.

Authorities have blamed the violence on “extremists”, including foreign-trained militants.

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