DPR Commission II considers President’s view to reduce campaign period

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Jakarta – The House of Representatives’ (DPR) Commission II will discuss President Joko Widodo’s proposal to shorten the campaign term for the 2024 general election to 90 days.

“The President’s viewpoint will undoubtedly be considered by the DPR Commission II during the decision-making process. Other DPR groups and the home affairs minister, I believe, will completely examine the President’s viewpoint “Yanuar Prihatin, Deputy Chairman of the DPR Commission II, stated here on Tuesday.

He mentioned that at a recent meeting of the DPR Commission II, General Election Commission (KPU), and Home Affairs Ministry, two options for the duration of the 2024 election campaign period, 75 days and 90 days, were discussed.

According to Prihatin, the KPU was ordered to conduct simulation if the election campaign period lasts for 75 days.

“The KPU should explain (the rationale for) the 75-day election campaign duration, what the obstacle, difficulty, and risk to develop,” he said.

The DPR Commission II has not yet received the results of KPU’s simulation, which will be discussed at a hearing next week.

As a result, the DPR Commission II has yet to decide whether the 2024 election campaign period would be 90 days or 75 days, he noted.

Prihatin stated that when deciding on the election campaign period, the DPR Commission II had to consider numerous criteria, including efficiency and effectiveness.

“In addition, because of the extended duration of the election campaign season, it must consider steps to limit potentials for dispute, rivalry, and even conflict,” he added.

President Joko Widodo proposed shortening the election campaign period to make it more efficient without producing long-term problems in the society during a meeting with KPU on Monday (May 30, 2022). The 2019 general election campaign had lasted over seven months.

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