Five killed in tour bus-train collision in Tulungagung, East Java

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Tulungagung, East Java – On early Sunday, a tour bus bound for Malang, East Java Province, was hit by a Rapih Dhoho train at a railroad crossing with no gate in Ketanon Village, Tulungagung District. Five persons were killed and 13 others were injured.

Four people in the bus’s back seat died at the spot, while one victim died at Dr. Iskak Hospital, according to Tulungagung Police Chief Senior Adjunct Commissioner Handono Subiakto.

The Harapan Jaya tour bus was hit in the back by a Rapih Dhoho train heading from Tulungagung Station to Kediri, while the bus carrying 43 passengers attempted to cross a railroad crossing with no gate.

The ill-fated bus, along with two other Harapan Jaya tour buses, was transporting plastic shop workers to Malang for a day of fun at the Jatim Park 5 tourist attraction.

The first bus safely passed through the railroad crossing. However, the second bus, which was attempting to cross the track, was hit at the back by a train coming from the south at a moderate pace, according to him.

“It is suspected that the driver of the second bus lost attention while crossing the track, causing the train to collide with the bus’s tail,” a police officer said.

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