Indonesia Becomes First Country in ASEAN to Use 5G Mining Technology

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Indonesian Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Erick Thohir said Indonesia will be the first country in ASEAN to use 5G technology in the mining industry.

According to him, 5G Mining will be launched in May 2022. 5G mining is a new technology in the mining sector resulting from collaboration between Freeport and Telkom Group.

“5G Mining we will launch as the first country in Southeast Asia this year in May,” said Erick Thohir when delivering a key speech at the University of North Sumatra Medan Sunday (09/01/2022).

Erick explained, the reason why the launch of 5G Mining is because it is in mining or mining on the inside it is difficult for humans to work without the help of tools.

Thus in the end working in the deep mines are autonomous vehicles and robotics where workers remotely control the robots to do mining in the deep mines.

SOE Minister Erick Thohir said PT Freeport in collaboration with Telkom Group will present 5G Mining technology.

Erick Thohir is very hopeful that Indonesian President Joko Widodo can be present at Freeport to inaugurate 5G Mining, considering this is the first in Southeast Asia.

The function of 5G in addition to maintaining operational security, because what is done is the category of deep mines, so it is very important protection for the workforce in it.

Another interesting thing, according to Erick, 5G Mining will also improve integration connectivity with the implementation of hyper connect network.

The plan there is sophistication autonomous car or autonomous truck. This preparation of the Ministry of SOEs maximizes between Freeport and Telkom

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