Indonesian military builds six church bell towers in Papua

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Papua – Soldiers from the Army Strategic Reserves Command (Kostrad Infantry )’s Battalion (Yonif) MR 412 assisted in the construction of six church bell towers for congregations in their assigned territory, the Lanny Jaya District in Papua.

Lieutenant Colonel Moch. Renaldy Herbowo, Commander of the Yonif MR 412 Task Force, revealed in a statement received here on Sunday that his task force’s contribution was six church bell towers.

The six towers were officially handed over through a series of religious events, including the stone-burning ceremony, which served as a symbol of appreciation.

“The key procession of the church’s bell tower was held simultaneously in six locations in Lanny Jaya District,” Herbowo said.

He also hoped that the bell towers will provide benefits and serenity to the Lanny Jaya District’s church congregations.

“Hopefully, the sounds of these bells will be used to summon the congregation to worship, ensuring peace in the land of Papua. This is the aim of the Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI) here; we came for peace and to love the people of Lanny Jaya “He stated.

He claims that the construction of these bell towers was prompted by a lack of church facilities. People simply used a piece of metal and an old oxygen tube for the bells back then, so some churchgoers were frequently late for the service.

Meanwhile, each religious congregation’s pastors and community leaders expressed gratitude to the task group for giving something beneficial to the congregation.

“We had never considered these bell towers. God bless the 412 Kostrad brigade “Mowi Church’s Pastor Del Tabuni stated.

Source: antara

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