The House of Representatives Says Human rights issues should be brought into public discourse

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An official from the House of Representatives anticipates that human rights issues will become a topic of public discussion, encouraging the state to address them.

“I hope that human rights issues become a topic of public discussion because when they do, political interests will be considered.” Politics will undoubtedly be related to how this issue becomes a public conversation in order to facilitate the resolution of human rights issues by the state,” Taufik Basari, a member of the House of Representatives’ Commission III, noted during a webinar on Thursday.

Basari observed and concluded that human rights problems had yet to become a topic of conversation among members of the public or society.

He believed that the public had not sufficiently urged the state to ensure that each Indonesian citizen’s human rights, which included economic, social, cultural, land, and territorial rights, could be achieved.

Basari admitted that it was the same in terms of government scope.

Human rights issues, as well as the protection of human rights advocates, he remarked, had not become a key priority in the government’s policy.

“Currently, I believe that the COVID-19 epidemic and development are the top priorities. Human rights are not a key priority in the government’s policy, in my opinion “He expressed this.

Indeed, he stated that human rights issues were key factors to examine when executing COVID-19-related priority policies.

Addressing human rights issues is one of the pillars of justice in the different initiatives undertaken to combat the spread of the coronavirus disease and its related developments.

As a result, he emphasized the necessity of the public’s participation in making human rights issues a public conversation, which would drive the government to consider it a priority issue that should be tackled by the state.

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