Australian envoy visits Babel to commemorate World War Two tragedy

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Bangka Belitung – Penny Williams, the Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, paid a visit to the Bangka Belitung Islands on Tuesday to attend a series of activities commemorating a Japanese raid on Australian civilians, troops, and nurses in the province during World War II.

“Australia and Bangka Belitung have a long history together. This is my first trip to Bangka Belitung to mark the historical day. I am overjoyed. Thank you for the warm welcome and support extended by the provincial government of Bangka Belitung “On Tuesday, the ambassador arrived in Pangkalpinang, the capital of Bangka Belitung Islands province.

The governor of Bangka Belitung Islands, Erzaldi Rosman, stated that Williams’ visit to the province was related to the World War II catastrophe in Mentok waters, West Bangka region.

“This year marks the 80th anniversary of (of the tragedy)… Because this is a really momentous occasion for them (Australians), the ambassador comes here. They plan to remember it online “He informed them.

During her visit, the ambassador will brief the province on her government’s plans to construct an Australian Memorial Park in Inggris Bay, Mentok.

“In response to the plan,” he stated, “I have just called the Forestry Office of the Bangka Belitung Islands province to provide its permit, while Australia will fund the entire building cost.”

He enthusiastically supported the initiative to build the memorial park, which is projected to help the tourism economy by attracting tourists year after year.

“In Bangka Belitung, this is a piece of Australian history. Hopefully, it will be realized and have an impact on the tourism industry’s promotion. If we are a part of their history (the memorial park), we will have an impact, including collaboration,” he made a statement.

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