BBC correspondent’s reporting interrupted by airstrike in Gaza

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During a live report by BBC correspondent Rushdi Abualouf from Gaza on the “World at One” program on Radio 4, his broadcast was interrupted by an airstrike on Monday. While providing a description of the situation on the ground, the sound of an airplane became audible. Instead of seeking shelter, Abualouf reported that an explosion occurred, and he could observe a significant amount of smoke approximately 100 meters away from a hospital.

The exact target of the airstrike remained uncertain, but the strike occurred in an area where, in addition to the hospital, a market and several schools served as shelters for people. Abualouf mentioned that in the event of an airstrike, life in the area did not come to a halt as people have become accustomed to such occurrences.

He further noted that there had been thousands of airstrikes, with several hundred taking place daily, prior to the commencement of the Israeli ground operation. Abualouf had previously expressed the difficulty in obtaining reliable information, especially after a night of internet blackout and intense airstrikes. He described the recent series of airstrikes as possibly the most extensive since the beginning of the conflict.

Source: Arab News

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