Booster vaccinations for Yogyakarta teachers will be completed the following week

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The aim set for booster vaccination for Yogyakarta teachers and education employees was to be completed by the beginning of next week through a vaccination event at the XT-Square.

“This activity of vaccinating teachers and education professionals can help the implementation of face-to-face learning, which is presently being undertaken in phases, directed toward full capacity,” Yogyakarta deputy mayor Heroe Poerwadi announced on Thursday in Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta’s booster vaccination program for teachers and education professionals was held concurrently with booster immunization for Yogyakarta’s state civil servants.

All of them took place at the XT-Square vaccination center, which serves roughly 2,000 individuals every day. On Monday, January 31, all teachers and state civil officials are due to obtain their booster immunization.

A half-dose of Pfizer vaccine was delivered. To date, no reports of adverse effects from immunization have been received (AEFI).

“Vaccination operations are indeed carried out concurrently with ASN, because they are also public employees who frequently meet with multiple people, thus they must be prioritized as booster beneficiaries,” Poerwadi added.

Furthermore, Yogyakarta is working to complete immunizations for children aged 6 to 11 years old in order to promote the face-to-face learning policy.

In Yogyakarta, approximately 35 thousand children aged 6 to 11 years have been immunized. This number has surpassed the Health Ministry’s target of 29 thousand children.

Yogyakarta, on the other hand, has set a target of vaccinating 41 thousand children based on the number of students aged 6 to 11 attending schools, he said.

Yogyakarta issued COVID-19 assessments to students as part of the face-to-face learning policy. Two of the thousand samples tested positive for COVID-19.

We tracked down the near contacts, and they were all negative or there was no transmission. “Only one class was canceled, not the entire school’s activities,” he made a statement.

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