Din Syamsuddin: Digitalization Is Inevitable, Must Be Designed for the Rise of Civilization

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Former Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah Din Syamsuddin said digitalization was inevitable. Digitalization must be designed for the rise of civilization.

This was conveyed by Din Syamsuddin during a visit to Insan Cita Indonesia University (UICI) on Wednesday (29/12/2021).

“Digitalization is inevitable. Digitalization must be designed for the advancement of civilization. That’s why what uici is doing is quite right. UICI is the answer to the rise of civilization,” said Din Syamsuddin.

During the visit, Din was welcomed by UICI Rector Prof. Laode Masihu Kamaludin, Vice Rector I Dr. Eng Jaswar Koto, Vice Rector II Lely Pelitasari Soebekti SP, ME, and Vice Rector III Prof. Achmad Syahid. Also present were members of the Higher Education Assembly of the Islamic Student Association (MPT KAHMI) Alumni Corps Ir Subandrio and Prof. Siti Zuhro.

Din said, the presence of UICI is inline with Islam. According to Din, UICI has implemented the first revelation that came down to the Prophet Muhammad, namely iqra or reading orders.

In addition, continued Din, the presence of UICI is also inline with the constitution, which is also educating the nation’s children.

“To educate that enlightenment. Educating it should also enlighten,” continued Din Shamsuddin.

Furthermore, Din appreciated the presence of UICI which carries the digital campus brand. Uici has not only made digital as a tool,but has made digital as a mindset.

“Therefore, if I may propose that UICI design a unique curriculum, a distinctive curriculum, so that really UICI is the answer to the rise of civilization,” added Din Syamsuddin.

Meanwhile, UICI Rector Prof. Laode Masihu Kamaludin said UICI is the first digital campus in Indonesia and the fifth in the world.

The learning process at UICI can be accessed from anywhere, so it is very in accordance with geographical conditions in Indonesia which consists of many islands.

“Because in UICI the learning process is full digital so that it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. There are no classes or lecturers. Students will learn with machines, “explained Prof. Laode.

Vice Rector I Dr Jaswar Koto added uici learning platform using artificial intelligence (AI) and voice recognition digital simulator teaching learning system (VR DSTLS).

With this learning platform, continued Jaswar, at UICI in the learning process allows for no direct interaction between lecturers and students.

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