Expressing Solidarity with Palestine, Young People in the Bojonegoro district distribute takjil and stickers

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Bojonegoro, East Java – Hundreds of young people in the Bojonegoro district distribute takjil and stickers. This was done to express solidarity with the people of the State of Palestine in the face of Israel’s and its allies’ occupation, as well as to celebrate Yaumul Quds, or International Solidarity Day.

The takjil distribution took place on Jl. Hasyim Asy’ari Bojonegoro, precisely at the Mbah Balong inscription fork.

The action’s field coordinator stated that the movement was a kind of solidarity with the Palestinian state.

“The genuine Indonesian characteristic is that they are anti-colonial, so our approach is to support Palestine,” Massayik remarked on Friday (29/04/2022).

In this action, he gave a narrative and a statement of attitude in the following description:

The occupation of Palestine since the beginning of 1948 has become the center of the attention of world revolutionary figures and the majority of Islamic scholars worldwide.

Figures and role models, as well as teachers from the world’s true revolutionaries, Proclaimers of the Republic of Indonesia President Ir. Soekarno stated, “As long as the independence of the Palestinian people has not been handed over to the Palestinians, then the Indonesian people will stand up to challenge the Israeli occupation.”

His words are the official attitude of the state and the attitude that comes out of the original character of the Indonesian people, who directly felt the bitterness of living under colonialism.

The same attitude was shown later by the Iranian nation after the 1979 Revolution by their leader, Ayatollah Ruhullah Imam Khomeini. One of the pillars of Imam Khomeini’s struggle since the beginning of the struggle seems to have been aimed at liberating Palestine and not recognizing any attempts to occupy Palestine.

Imam Khomeini, a few months after Iran’s Islamic Revolution, called on all Muslims around the world to mark last Friday as Al-Quds Day and declare Muslim international solidarity in favor of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

More than 80 Islamic and non-Islamic countries have reacted to Imam Khomeini’s appeal to conduct a solidarity rally on the last Friday of Ramadan to demand the liberation of al-Quds from the clutches of the Zionist regime.

Malaysia, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey, America, Canada, Norway, Azerbaijan, Sudan, the United Kingdom, Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tunisia, Pakistan, Australia, Germany, Romania, Kuwait, Spain, Africa South, Sweden, Venezuela, Albania, Yemen, and Greece are among those countries.

Indonesia has been a pioneer in battling for the rights of the Palestinian people. The Indonesian people have also been among the most constant in supporting Palestinian independence and refusing to open any form of contact with the Israeli occupation state.

“I guarantee you that Indonesia will continue to support the Palestinian cause in many international venues,” said Ir. Joko Widodo, the current President of the Republic of Indonesia.

Retno P. Marsudi, Indonesia’s Foreign Minister, stated on another occasion, “We must not lose sight of the fact that Palestine is the only country still controlled by colonial powers. All of Palestine’s misery is the result of Israel’s occupation.”

The statement of the position of the Anti-Zionist Movement and the US (GAZA) Bojonegoro:

  1. We strongly condemn the acts of aggression and Israeli occupation of the Palestinian state.
  2. We support the Indonesian government’s refusal to establish diplomatic relations with Israel.
  3. We support the “Referendum” solution for all the indigenous people who have lived in the historical Land of Palestine for centuries to complete the Zionist-Israeli occupation.
  4. We call on the Indonesian government to abandon the “two-state solution” or the recognition of two dead countries (Israel and Palestine). They are only used as a cover for neocolonialism and are contrary to the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, which opposes colonialism and defends independence as the right of every citizen of the nation.
  5. We fully support every step and gait of the Indonesian government on the stage of international forums in promoting Palestinian independence.
  6. We Fully support all resistance movements in Palestine to fight against Israeli occupation until the realization of the independence of the state of Palestine in full.
  7. We condemn the acts of aggression carried out by the Saudi Arabian coalition, which is supported by its eternal allies (US, UK, Israel) in Yemen, which has killed at least 360 million civilians and caused the suffering of the Yemeni people for 8 years without any attention from the United Nations or other countries.
  8. The Muslim community in the United Kingdom is always willing to assist and pray for Palestinians and Yemenis.
  9. We call on the citizens of the world who love justice to boycott all activities related to the Zionist-Israeli occupation regime, politically, security and culturally, in order to support the resistance of the Palestinian people in fighting for their human rights.

GAZA Bojonegoro 2022

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