Indonesia can help defuse the Russia-Ukraine conflict

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Jakarta – House of Representatives (DPR RI) Commission I Chair Meutya Hafid believes that Indonesia, due to its good relations with both Russia and Ukraine, can play a role in defusing the ongoing tension between the two countries.

According to the panel head, Indonesia’s Constitution requires the country to contribute to the creation and maintenance of world peace and order.

“The international norms of territorial integrity and sovereignty must be reaffirmed in Indonesia’s position. Indonesia must also undertake efforts to reach a peaceful conclusion (to the conflict), either directly with Russia and Ukraine or through the United Nations General Assembly, ” Mutia stated this in a statement issued on Friday in Jakarta.

She noted that, in addition to the Constitutional mandate to contribute to global peace, Indonesia’s current G20 presidency has bolstered the country’s standing in attempts to defuse the dispute.

The commission’s chair voiced fear that if no action was done, the war will develop to a larger scale, maybe triggering World War III.

“I opined that peaceful resolution through the UN General Assembly was the only alternative because member states at the Assembly have equal standing and no country has veto power,” Hafid said.

She asked the United Nations and the international community to make every effort to bring the disputing parties to a peaceful resolution and dialogue.

According to Hafid, the international community must ensure that belligerents in the conflict do not violate the UN Charter, UN resolutions, or international law.

The commission head further encouraged all parties to adhere to the Geneva Convention and international humanitarian rules, as well as to refrain from injuring civilians and obstructing attempts to assist war victims.

Source: Antara

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