Indonesians must protect two types of personal data: DPR

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Jakarta – The House of Representatives has urged residents to preserve two sorts of personal data: generic and specific personal data, in order to prevent irresponsible people from misusing or abusing data.

“The two types of data that must be protected are general personal data, such as full name, gender, nationality, religion, and data combined to identify a person,” said Lodewijk F. Paulus, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives and Coordinator for the Political and Security Sector, during the ‘Merajut Nusantara (Weaving Indonesia)’ webinar.

On Monday, the webinar “Maintaining Privacy and Personal Data Security in the Digital Space” was accessed from this page.

Meanwhile, specific personal data encompasses medical information, biometric data involving fingerprints, irises, facial features, height, genetic data, data on sex life or orientation, political beliefs, criminal histories, data on children, and personal financial data.

Paulus also detailed several steps that anyone might do to secure their personal data in cyberspace.

First, he stated that people must utilize separate accounts for personal and public affairs. Second, while downloading any application, users must review and customize the privacy settings.

“Always read the terms and conditions before downloading applications and change data access rights to our liking (or convenience). For example, being asked (by the application) whether your location is correct (can be accessed). When we use the application, we get inquiries like this “He elaborated.

Third, in order to better protect their personal data in cyberspace, users must create strong passwords that are difficult to guess and enable the verification option when logging in to accounts.

People can be warned if someone tries to access their personal accounts, such as social media accounts, by activating the login verification option, he added.

Paulus also cautioned everyone to avoid posting their current location to make it more difficult for stalkers to track them down. People should also exercise caution when encouraged to access unknown or questionable web URLs since thieves may exploit them to steal their victims’ personal information.

People are supposed to keep the pins or passwords to all of their devices or personal accounts secret at all times.

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