Islamic boarding schools’ potential to play a strategic economic role in Indonesia

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According to State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Minister Erick Thohir, Islamic boarding schools (pesantren) have the ability to play a significant economic role for the community.

“Pesantren have the potential to play a key role for the wellbeing of the people, both socially and economically,” Minister Thohir said on Monday, as cited from his official Instagram account @erickthohir.

The minister underlined that the country needed several new specialists with essential competencies to actualize an Advanced Indonesia by 2045. The pesantren is critical in developing adaptable intellectual students.

“The boarding school is intended to develop, prosper, and update as a result of students’ active participation in the economic cycle at the pesantren. With God’s help, I believe pesantren can be a beacon of civilization “The minister made a comment.

He previously stated that pesantren and Islamic economics have enormous potential to promote national economic prosperity.

He stated that Indonesia had 31,385 pesantren in the first quarter of this year, with a total of 4.29 million students.

This potential is also a strength for Indonesia’s sharia economy, which is placed fourth globally, with a global Islamic economic indicator score of 91.2, and whose top industries include halal food, finance, tourism, Muslim apparel, cosmetics, media, and entertainment.

This tremendous potential can still be fully realized, allowing pesantren to be competitive and economically independent. Pesantren are actively supporting many business activities and becoming an economic hub for the neighboring regions, in addition to being an educational institution founded on Islamic ideals.

Source: antara

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