Malaysia values relationship with Singapore, hopes to resolve chicken export situation ‘quickly’, says Khairy

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SINGAPORE – Malaysian Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said on Thursday (Jun 2) that his country appreciates its ties with Singapore and expects to address the chicken export restriction situation “soon.”

Mr Khairy told reporters on a four-day visit to Singapore, “We value our bilateral relationship with Singapore.” “This is not an easy decision for us to make,” he said, referring to Malaysia’s decision to temporarily halt chicken exports due to a supply deficit that has resulted in increased poultry prices.

Singapore imports one-third of its chicken from Malaysia, nearly entirely as live chickens to be butchered and refrigerated on the island.

Mr Khairy stated that he expects the situation is only “temporary” until supply and cost difficulties are resolved.

“Once these issues are resolved, which we believe will be very soon,” he added. “Of course, we expect to resume chicken exports, especially to Singapore.”

Mr Khairy explained that Malaysia was in a “very difficult situation” due to supply chain concerns concerning chicken feed, and that “climate change challenges” were influencing the time it took for chickens to grow.

“All of these variables have combined to produce a situation in Malaysia where there was a shortage and high price(s),” he explained.

“Obviously, countries will look to (secure) their own food requirements.” We are also well conscious of our responsibilities as exporters to our neighbors, notably Singapore.”

He told reporters that the situation is “already improving” since Malaysia is looking into cheaper alternatives to chicken feed and is working closely with poultry producers to guarantee that production can be increased.

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