NEOM scholarship student successes celebrated at Chicago event

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Exceptional students from the Tabuk region of Saudi Arabia were recognized for their outstanding achievements as part of the NEOM megacity project’s scholarship program. The accolades were presented at a special event held in Chicago, USA, showcasing the success of the 2023 Scholarship Program led by NEOM CEO Nadhmi Al-Nasr.

The program sponsors Tabuk students, offering opportunities for tertiary studies abroad and gaining practical work experience. The awards ceremony in Chicago celebrated the accomplishments of 130 participants, with 118 students from the 2023 cohort attending the event. Among them, 49 students were honored for their academic excellence and innovative contributions.

The event, following last year’s gathering in Washington, DC, featured presentations by students on key NEOM projects – Trojena, Oxagon, and ENOWA. Distinguished attendees included Prof. Andreas Cangellaris, founding president of NEOM University, Dr. Mahmoud Alyamany, head of health and well-being, and Nada Alshaibani, head of the NEOM Digital Media Academy.

NEOM CEO Nadhmi Al-Nasr expressed pride in the scholarship recipients, stating, “This event celebrates the remarkable achievements of our scholarship recipients. NEOM takes great pride in being a catalyst for these bright, young minds by fostering academic excellence and vital community involvement.”

In addition to academic pursuits, students engage in field trips and internships at NEOM, gaining practical exposure to the diverse sectors and operations. Al-Nasr emphasized the program’s goal to cultivate a generation contributing to Saudi Vision 2030, building a dynamic society, fostering economic prosperity, and shaping an ambitious nation.

Since its inception in 2019, the NEOM scholarship initiative has supported 740 undergraduate students and recent graduates, enrolling them in top institutions in Saudi Arabia, the UK, and the US. Upon completing their studies, scholarship recipients are offered positions within NEOM sectors, aligning their knowledge and skills with the expertise required for the megacity’s future development.

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