Anas Urbaningrum's First Page Opens

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The peculiarities, irregularities, strangeness, discrepancies to imagination that occurred about eleven years ago, finally began to be revealed. A long-time journalist transverse in political and legal coverage, noting events related to the determination of the status of suspects until Anas Urbaningrum went through the judicial process through a book. The legendary narrative of the time, served as the title of the book: The First Page of Anas Urbaningrum.

Tofik Pram, the author of the book, was present as one of several speakers at the launch and surgery event of the book “The First Page of Anas Urbaningrum”, held by the Indonesian Movement Society of DKI Jakarta and SA Institute in Sadjoe Cefe, Saturday (05/02/2022). Another speaker who attended, there was Firman Wijaya, a former legal advisor to Anas Urbaningrum.

There is also Gede Pasek Suardika, former Chairman of Commission III of the House of Representatives, who is now the Chairman of the Nusantara Awakening Party (PKN) who is also known as a loyalist of Anas Urbaningrum. There is also political observer Islah Bahrawi and criminal law expert Suparji Achmad.

As the author of the book, Tofik Pram is also known for his book work entitled “Antasari: I Was Sacrificed”. Just like the previous book, Tofik Pram in a discussion about the first page of Anas Urbaningrum said that this book was published, one of them, for reasons he saw something “wrong” with the legal process in Indonesia.

Tofik Pram admitted that the belief that there is something marijuana and odd in the case of Anas Urbaningrum began when he heard Anas Urbaningrum’s statement. That, one rupiah is involved in hambalang corruption, Anas is ready to be hanged in Monas.

This statement, according to Tofik, shows that Anas dares to bear if he is proven to be corrupt. This is where the belief arises, that the case of Anas Urbaningrum is not solely a legal case. More precisely, this case is dominated by political interests.

Firman Wijaya said that he felt proud to have defended Anas Urbaningrum. According to him, Anas is a visionary. Likewise in politics. Therefore, during accompanying Anas Urbaningrum as legal counsel, he witnessed many strange and strange things in the series of legal proceedings.

Especially about the allegations of “miscellaneous projects” attached to the allegations to anas prosecution. “I said at the time that it was imaginary. There is nothing in our law that states a person can be punished for any other project. It’s like a menu of options, it could be this project or that project,” Firman said.

In fact, it concerns the fate of a person. “But, it was never mentioned what project mas Anas was accused of. Who’s the contractor? Who’s the foreman? Who is it?” said The Word.

Gede Pasek Suardika reveals “another page”. By the time the case emerged, efforts to push for Anas Urbaningrum to become a suspect had already emerged so massively through judicial opinion. “At that time, the opinion that Anas Urbaningrum became a suspect was very massive and extraordinarily strong,” said Gede Pasek Suardika.

Thus, it is very clear that the case alleged on Anas Urbaningrum is full of irregularities, peculiarities and oddities. The goal becomes visible, which is to want to kill Anas Urbaningrum politically. “The peak is the leaking sprindik,” said Pasek Suardika.

In the view of legal expert Suparji Ahmad, what Anas Urbaningrum did from the beginning was fight for the right to justice for himself. But the problem is, the legal world is still colored by the legal mafia or political interests.

However, justice must still be fought, even when the legal process is formally declared to have been completed. Because, there are many precedents where truth and justice can be presented again after the discovery of new evidence. Or, the discovery of the real perpetrators.

“This is what must continue to be fought for to get justice for Anas Urbaningrum,” Suparji said.

This is the discussion and surgery of Anas Urbaningrum’s First Page book.

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