Sumatran elephant found dead in East Aceh: Police

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Aceh Banda – According to the Serbajadi Police office of East Aceh’s Resort Police, a male elephant was discovered dead in a river in the Rabung Lima forest region, Peunaron Lama Village, Peunaron Sub-district, East Aceh District (Polres).

Serbajadi Police Chief Hendra Sukmana confirmed on behalf of East Aceh Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Mahmun Hari Sandy Sinurat here on Saturday that the elephant body was discovered on Friday (Apr 29) at around 21:30 local time.

“As a result of this information, numerous police officers, Peunaron military office officials, and Leuser Communication Forum officers moved to the location of the elephant carcass,” Sukmana noted.

The deceased elephant was discovered in a remote place with tough terrain that could only be reached on foot or by riding a motorcycle.

By motorcycle, it took about two hours to get to the location. The officers had to walk to the location where the elephant had died in order to reach it.

“When we arrived, we saw the carcass of a dead male elephant in the river, with his left leg displaying scars from being hit by a rope,” he explained.

The police have secured the dead elephant’s position and are awaiting further action from other relevant agencies.

Source: Antara

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