Guspardi Gaus: IKN Land Problem Must Be "Clear and Clean"

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Members of the Special Committee (Pansus) of the Draft Law of the State Capital (RUU IKN) Guspardi Gaus reminded the issue of the status of the land of the new capital must be clear and clean before development.

He said the area of IKN is planned to cover 256,142.74 hectares covering the IKN area of approximately 56,180 hectares, including the core area of the government center with an area adjusted to the IKN Master Plan and the National Strategic Area Spatial Plan (KSN) IKN.

“Meanwhile, the IKN development area covers an area of approximately 199,962 hectares. Where the status of ownership of land rights or buildings within the IKN area is certainly very diverse such as right of use, Management Rights (HPL), Building Use Rights (HGB), Right to Business (HGU), to Property Rights (HM),” Guspardi said in his statement in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Guspardi explained, based on spatial analysis data conducted by Forest Watch Indonesia (FWI), the status of the region in the region also showed that there were almost no unauthorized areas.

“The area around Tahura Bukit Suharto is already crowded with mining permits, oil palm plantations, HPH, and HTI. There are about 92 permits consisting of 1 HPH permit, 2 HTI permits, 12 plantation IUP, and 77 mining IUP,” he said.

Members of Commission II of the House of Representatives assessed the massive concession permits in the territory of the National Capital (IKN) also requires serious handling because it will have implications for the possibility of a possible exchange mechanism that may occur for licensed lands.

He considered related to the problem needs to be done sweep and conducted a review to further make policies how to solve it so that there is no polemic and dynamics that are not good in the future.

Guspardi said, another thing that is no less important and should be considered by the government is the existence of indigenous and local people who have long settled there.

“It is estimated that there are about 20 percent of community land with proof of certificate of property rights (SHM) that must be released. Of course, socialization and persuasive approach with the local community,” he said.

According to him, if there is land acquisition owned by the community, it should be done with “change of profit”. (*)

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